The proposed Pylons across the Somerset Levels
We are against the installation of outdated, and in our opinion, inefficient traditional overhead pylon technology when other technology is available which is more energy efficient, potentially safer & also visually non-intrusive. This campaign has been revived and we are now looking to stop pylons being built across the UK in 2016

National Grid have announced their proposed route through the Somerset Levels. More here

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"National Grid have announced their exact route alignment across the Somerset Levels" 6/11/12 Click here for more details with videos from ITV news - Dr Liam Fox MP after the announcement said the plans were "very disappointing" and reinforced the impression the consultation was "largely a waste of time".. see the story here from the BBC news.

"Route announced".

Tessa Munt MP calls for the whole pylon route to be undergrounded (06/11/12)
National Grid has announced its overhead pylon route across the Somerset Levels and Moors, with a small section of the route through the Loxton Gap in the Mendip Hills being buried underground.
However, Tessa Munt, MP for the area has vowed to continue the campaign to bury the power cables underground.
Tessa said "I am disappointed that National Grid has elected to bury only a small fraction of the line, through the Mendip Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty - and has chosen not to hear the responses of more than 8,000 people and many organisations who called on the company to bury its cables through our beautiful Somerset landscape."
"National Grid's own independent research shows 80% of its customers are willing to pay extra on their power bills to bury cables underground.  National Grid is on the record confirming that the cost of burying the entire route from Bridgwater to Avonmouth would be less than 75p per year - on household energy bills."
Tessa continued “This is simply not good enough.  In the company's recent report for the Suffolk connection, National Grid stated:
 "National Grid does not consider that effects on the environment from its proposals can be properly given a monetary value.  Decisions on the balance to be struck between National Grid's statutory and licence duties are matters of judgement for itself and ultimately the Secretary of State in determining whether development consent should be granted for any proposal that is brought forward."
Tessa argued "That would, in my opinion, be at odds with previous assurances from Ministers that National Grid must consider social and environmental costs.  A recent Sunday Times article referred to a figure of £1 million per acre, but I think our landscape is priceless."
"This morning I met with the Energy Minister and the Secretary of State to discuss this matter and I will be raising this with Steve Holliday, Chief Executive of National Grid when I meet him on Thursday.  An organisation with the resources of National Grid should be able to assess the value of Somerset's tourism and leisure businesses - on which the local economy depends, and make sensitive and appropriate decisions after hearing what local people think.”
Paul Hipwell from campaign group No Moor Pylons said: “People in Somerset fully understand that burying power cables will cost more, but it’s a price they are very willing to pay to protect the beautiful Somerset countryside for future generations to enjoy. National Grid should take note of its own research and recognise that people are willing to pay to protect the countryside.” 
“National Grid has consistently said it would cost too much to underground the cables and people would not be willing to pay. Now their own report refutes these claims – National Grid should listen to what customers are saying and bury the entire route”.
November 6th 2012
Tessa Munt

"Fears over impact pylons will have on countryside" 24/06/12 Click here for story. ITV report from the top of Crook Peak, National Grid were unable to attend in order to view the view. Protestors are concerned that National Grid will not be aware of the unique nature of the area without actively engaging with the public in a 'real' and tangible way.
"I strongly encourage those with an interest to engage with National Grid as it further develops its proposals"

22/03/12 Charles Hendry MP addressed Dr Liam Fox MP & Tessa Munt MP regarding electricity transmission. Full transcript here. Charles Hendry MP has suggested that any stakeholders with an interest " engage with National Grid...[over]...its proposals." It would appear from that the next opportunity to do this is Wednesday 28th March, 19:00-21:00 at The Exchange, Express Park, Bristol Road, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 4RR.
"National Grid ruling gives hope for hiding ‘monster’ pylons in Somerset" 30/01/12 Click here for story.
"Victory for Lincolnshire anti-pylon campaign" 20/01/12 click here for the report. National Grid is no longer expected to use overhead lines on a 50mile stretch of proposed route in Lincolnshire.
"Cost to underground appear to have fallen substantially" November 2016 click here to review the Meath-Tyrone Report.
"...village power line thefts cause blackouts..." 5/11/11 click here for the report
"Didn't Keynes say it was worth paying men to dig holes and then fill them in? Sinking cables into ditches would reinforce his case" Friday 14 October 2023 click here for the editoral.
Pylon Petition handed to DECC. Somerset protest groups have met with Charles Hendry MP (Minsiter of State) and handed in our petition which suggests that new transmission methods are used to underground new pylon routes. Full story here.


It is now time to write to your MP to ask why?

We know it is difficult and also time consuming to write letters so we have produced a simple letter writing kit for you, click HERE to go to our simple letter writing page

Alternatively if you want to write a quick simple email then click on this link to send one to Tess Munt MP to raise your objection by clicking HERE.

Short concise emails are great as they are simply counted and used as a mandate by our MP's on certain topics, so click above and email away.


"...Getting Rid of Pylons Could Power Growth..." The Times article about pylons: Story HERE 19th September 2016.

"...160ft Pylon over my house..." Mail on Sunday (4/9/11) article about the real prospect of pylons across the counrtyside: Story HERE 4th September 2016

"Fox declares war on the march of pylons", Dr Liam Fox has written to Chris Huhne to argue that power lines shoule be buried: Story HERE 28th August 2016

Tessa Munt MP, has gained a 10-minute Rule Motion to discuss overhead pylons on Tuesday 5th July: Story HERE July 2016

The NPS' have been published, in summary they state that 'overhead' is not always the correct solution, the misrepresentative statements about the cost to underground have been removed and finally it states that the Holford rules must be followed: Story HERE June 2016

The KEMA IET report has completed, but does not reach a suitable conclusion: Story HERE June 2016


NG have extended the deadline for their Undergrounding Consultation: Story HERE June 2016

RIBA have launched a pylon design competition: Story HERE May 2016. Please click HERE to see our entry (Technical note, it is a Gas Insulated Line (GIL) and is buried about 6ft below ground)


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